Jonathan Louie


Jonathan Louie
BA, Integrative Biology
University of California - Berkeley
Berkeley, CA
MD, PhD Student
Thomas Biederer, PhD, Rotation Adviser




Synaptic cell adhesion molecules (sCAMs) span the synapse, and their interaction within this space facilitates the differentiation and organization of the pre- and post-synapse. During development, multiple families of sCAMs are expressed concurrently, however, at disparate levels. To begin to tease apart the specific role each sCAM could play in the dynamics of synapse development, we overexpressed a combination of two sCAMs concomitantly in primary neuron culture and analyzed molecular establishment of the pre-synapse, post-synapse, and synapse itself. Better understanding of the players that may mediate the spatiotemporal kinetics of functional neuronal connectivity will further our efforts in combating neurological disorders that plague us today.

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