Davis Vigneault


Davis Vigneault
BS, Biochemistry
Tufts  University 
Medford, MA
MD, PhD Student
NIH Partnership Program
David Bluemke, MD, PhD, Advisor
Alison Noble, DPhil, Advisor



Evaluation of cardiac function currently relies upon global parameters such as ejection fraction, myocardial mass, and cardiac output, all of which are insensitive and non-specific parameters which may not become aberrant until late in the disease course.  Regional functional parameters, such as cardiac strain, strain rate, twist, and torsion may provide additional information for prognosis and the guiding of treatment.  Methods for measuring regional functional parameters have been developed, but have not yet reached the clinic due to prolonged acquisition and analysis times.  This project will focus on the development of a software application which will ideally derive these parameters from standard cine cardiac magnetic resonance images and analyze them in an automated fashion.  This would accelerate both the acquisition and analysis, making it easier to translate this modality to the clinic.

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