Graduate Courses

in the lab

PhD graduate programs have specific requirements for MSTP trainees that allow trainees to minimize didactic course work and focus on their PhD dissertation research. Typical requirements are listed in the table below. In addition to these requirements, all MSTP students must successfully complete the PhD qualifying examination.  The timing of the examination varies for each program, but it is typically completed by the end of the first graduate year.


   PhD Year 1 Fall  PhD Year 1 Spring  PhD Year 2 & Beyond
Common To All Programs
  Program Seminar Program Seminar Program Seminar
  Research Workshop Research Workshop Research Workshop
  Program Journal Club Program Journal Club Program Journal Club
  Applied Ethics for Scientists
Advanced Ethics
Program Specific Courses*

Advanced Graduate Biochemistry

Gene Expression & Signal Transduction
Drug Design & Molecular Recognition

Cell Biology*
Cell Behavior
Molecular Cell Biology of Development
Developmental Biology
Genetics Intro to Genetics
Mammalian Genetics I
Mammalian Genetics II
Gene Expression

Immunology Advanced Cellular Immunology
Systems Approaches to Immunology

Microbiology Advanced Graduate Biochemistry
Microbial Genetics & Microbiology I

Molecular Recognition & Drug Design
Microbial Genetics & Microbiology II

Two Elective Courses

Receptor & Channel Mechanisms
Cellular & Molecular Tutorials in Neuroscience

Tutorials in Neural Systems & Disease Mechanisms
One Elective Credit

Pharmacology Translational Pharmacology I
Scientific Writing
Translational Pharmacology II
One Elective


*Occassionally, trainees are asked to take an additional course based on their background or on the advice of their thesis committees.
** Trainees in the Physiology Program must complete three credits chosen from any combination of the courses listed in italic font.

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