Clinical Integration


Maintaining contact with clinical medicine and integrating the MD/PhD training experience as completely as possible is a core value of Tufts MSTP.  All trainees complete one 6-week clerkship prior to entering graduate school. In addition, all trainees complete the Family Medicine clerkship during the second year of graduate school. The ability to complete two clinical requirements in this way provides increased flexibility for re-entry into medical school upon completion of the PhD. 

Clinical Rotations

Trainees complete one clinical clerkship prior to the PhD training and complete the required clerkship in Family Medicine during the PhD years.  The four week Family Medicine requirement is completed the second ear of graduate school, typically in March.  Timing is coordinated in collaboration with the Office of Student Affairs of Tufts University School of Medicine. 

Returning to Clinical Medicine Workshop

Gordon Huggins, MD, the MSTP Clinical Adviser, works closely with MSTP trainees who are in the final year of PhD study to prepare them for clinical clerkships. Students shadow Dr Huggins on rounds, refresh their skills in taking a medical history and conducting a physical examination. Each student arranges this activity with Dr Huggins directly.

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