Clinical Implications of Basic Research, fondly referred to as CIBR (pronounced cyber), is a biweekly journal club for MD,PhD students lead by MSTP Director, Jim Schwob. The “Clinical Implications of Basic Research” column published in the New England Journal of Medicine is the foundation of the course. This short article highlights a recent basic science discovery and discusses how the discovery could impact medical practice.

Every other week during the academic year, one student from those enrolled in the PhD portion of the MSTP selects a topic from the column and presents the work. The student's thesis adviser assists in the preparation and also attends the presentation. All students read the primary paper(s) highlighted in the column and the group discusses the paper(s) and the clinical implications of the work. The primary goal of this course is to encourage and teach students to continually ask how basic research can impact clinical medicine. The format also encourages students to sharpen their communication skills in a relaxed atmosphere. The course meets during the noon hour to maximize participation and a light lunch is served.

All MD/PhD students are required to participate in CIBR until they begin their clinical rotations. Students in this phase of their training are encouraged to attend.

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