MERGE-INF (MEdically-oriented Research in Graduate Education - Inflammation) is a track in the Graduate Program in Immunology that is specifically designed to provide strong training in basic inflammation and the immunology of chronic diseases, as well as in-depth knowledge of the pathogenesis, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of inflammatory diseases. This program is unique, integrating clinical studies and patient contact throughout the training period. After choosing a basic science mentor in year two, each MERGE-INF student will also choose a clinical mentor specialized in an inflammatory disease, guaranteeing continued contact with patients for years 2-4 of the graduate career.

Trainees begin their studies in the first week of July, prior to the start of formal classes in September. The curriculum is specifically designed to provide students with strong grounding in a biomedical scientific discipline as well as the knowledge to understand the clinical implications of their work and move their discoveries to the bedside.

MERGE-INF is directed by Brigitte Huber, Professor of IPP and Director of the IMM graduate program. The faculty is drawn from members of the immunology graduate program and the Department of Medicine of Tufts University School of Medicine.

Clinical Faculty Connections

Geneve Allison, MD - Infectious disease

Sendra Arabelovic, DO - Rheumatology

Jose Caro, MD - Infectious disease

Shira Doron, MD - Infectious disease

Yoav Golan, MD - Infectious disease

Pedram Hamrah, MD - Ocular diseases and inflammation

Laura Kogelman, MD - Infectious disease

John Leung, MD - Allergy, gastroenterology

Timothy McAlindon - Osteoarthritis, autoimmune disorders

Diana Milojevic, MD - Autoimmune disorders

Natalie Nierenberg, MD - Wound healing

Andrew Plaut, MD - Gastroenterology

Lori Olans, MD - Gastroenterology

Joel Weinstock, MD - Inflammatory bowel disease

Alysse Wurcel, MD - Infectious disease

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Brigitte Huber, PhD
Program Director

Administrative Office
Stearns 514
Phone: 617-636-6836
Fax: 617-636-2990

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