Michael Ophir


Michael Ophir 
BA, Biochemistry 
Wheaton College 
Norton, MA 
PhD Student in Immunology
Stephen Bunnell, PhD, Adviser




T cell activation is largely dependent on the nucleation and persistence of signaling microclusters (MC) containing the adaptor protein SLP-76 (SLP). Integrins are potent cotimulators of T cell activation and influence the behavior of SLP MC by increasing their persistence and inhibiting their movement towards the center of the immunological synapse. Interestingly, the exact components that contribute in building a microcluster are not known. My project is focused on how SKAP55 contributes to building SLP-76 microclusters, as well as how this protein influences the persistence and movement of such microclusters in response to TCR and/or integrin ligation.

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