Heather Gardner


Heather Gardner
BS, Zoology
DVM, Veterinary Medicine
Washington State University
Pullman, WA
PhD Student in Genetics




A distinguishing feature of cancer cells is their ability to undergo aerobic glycolysis, allowing them to thrive in a variety of microenvironments. Monocarboxylate transporters are key facilitators of aerobic glycolysis. My research involves understanding the role and transcriptional regulation of monocarboxylate transporters in the context of the tumor microenvironment, using canine osteosarcoma as a model. Spontaneous cancers in pet dogs closely recapitulate human cancers with respect to clinical presentation, molecular profiles and response to therapy. Identification of novel mechanisms with which to target metabolic dysregulation will have direct implications on the therapeutic approach in both dogs and people with osteosarcoma.

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