Equipment & Room Reservations


The Neuroscience Program, the Department of Neuroscience and the Center for Neuroscience Research (CNR) provide access to an array of resources.  A calendar system is used to schedule equipment and instrument use and to sign up for rooms. Links to the various calendars are provided below. In some instances, an email to the person overseeing the equipment or the facility is the way to schedule usage as indicated below. 


  • Arcturus PixCell IIe Sign-up calendar    
  • Leica Confocal Sign-up calendar 
  • Behavior Core calendar
  • Q-PCR Mx3000P calendar
  • Q-PCR Mx4000 calendar
  • Nikon A1R Confocal calendar
  • Spinning Disk Confocal 
  • TIRF Nikon System calendar
  • Zeiss Brightfield/Epifluorescence calendar
  • Imaging Core Workstation calendar
  • Metamorph Premier Analysis Software calendar


  • Arnold 109  

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Program Director

Administrative Office
Arnold 209
Phone: 617-636-3796
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Synapse Neurobiology Program


The Synapse Neurobiology Training Program is an important aspect of training in Neuroscience at Sackler.

Application for 2016 Admission


The deadline for PhD programs is December 15, 2015.