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MERGE-ID (MEdically-oriented Research in Graduate Education) is a track within the Graduate Programs in Immunology and Molecular Microbiology that is designed to provide PhD students with the knowledge they need to conduct hypothesis-driven research that attacks critical issues related to the treatment, prevention, diagnosis, and management of infectious diseases.  Students receive a strong discipline based grounding in either immunology or microbiology and focused training in medical aspects of infectious disease.  Trainees experience a curriculum that incorporates didactic courses, problem based learning, a clinical practicum and complete a PhD thesis that is co-mentored by a basic research scientist and a clinician scientist.

MERGE-ID students begin their training in the first week of July with a summer experience that immerses them in infectious disease from a research and clinical perspective.  This preparation will enable our trainees to understand and confront key problems that are faced by infectious diseases physicians in treating their patients.  By acquiring this knowledge, students who complete the MERGE-ID track will be able to understand the language and culture of clinical medicine and bridge the gaps that often exist between clinicians and scientists. 

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The deadline for PhD programs is December 15, 2015.