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The Integrated Studies Program (ISP) is the entry track that coordinates admissions and provides the first year academic program of three Sackler School PhD programs: Biochemistry; Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology; and Cellular and Molecular Physiology. These programs rely on a similar basic core of knowledge that is required for students considering specializations in any of these areas of biomedical science. In the first year, the ISP blends problem-based and didactic learning with abundant hands-on laboratory experience. This well-balanced approach empowers the students as they make decisions regarding their preferred areas of research specialization at the end of their first year.

The ISP features an opportunity for students to explore over 60 research laboratory groups involved in cutting-edge research covering a wide range of research disciplines and areas before selecting a PhD adviser and program. In addition, ISP students participate in an interdisciplinary core curriculum that provides a strong foundation in basic biomedical sciences.

ISP faculty provide highly individualized attention and guidance for each student throughout the first year of training. Faculty advisers assist students in choosing a doctoral degree program based on the student’s research focus following completion of four laboratory rotations.

Students in the ISP obtain prominent research positions upon completion of the program, regardless of whether their career plans point to academia or industry.

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Andrew Bohm, PhD
Program Director

Administrative Office
M&V 6
Phone: 617-636-2994
Fax: 617-636-2409

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