DVM/PhD Program

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The DVM/PhD program is a joint effort of the Sackler School and Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.  Students completing this program receive both degrees upon completion of all requirements for each degree.  Professional school training is based on the North Grafton campus that is home to the Cummings School. Students in the combined degree program may pursue their PhD studies in one of the six Basic Science Division programs of the Sackler School.

The curriculum and sequence for each student is arranged in a manner that best fits the individual's schedule and career goals.  Typically, a student begins by completing the first two years of the veterinary training program and then conducts the PhD studies.  Upon successful defense of the PhD thesis, the student then completes the veterinary training.  In some cases, a student begins study by completing a PhD lab rotation at the Sackler School and then completes two (or three) years of veterinary training.  The thesis research is then conducted and subsequently, veterinary training is completed. Note that this program is not designed for individuals who wish to do their degrees sequentially.

Students interested in this option must apply to both the Sackler School and the Cummings School independently and clearly indicate their interest in the combined program on both applications.

Grafton Campus

Vet School

DVM/PhD students complete their veterinary training at the Cummings School.
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To apply to the DVM/PhD, two applications are required - one to Sackler and one to Cummings.