CTS Faculty

David Kent, MD, Program Director - Multivariate modeling approaches to clinical research  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

David Adler, MD - Improving detection of psychiatric conditions in non-psychiatric settings  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Raveendhara Bannuru, MD, PhD - Musucloskeletal epidemiology, placebo effects in osteoarthritis Send an e-mail PI Profile

Evan Benjamin, MD -  Quality of care and patient safety strategies Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Doug Brugge,  PhD - Environmental health research  Send an e-mail PI Profile

James Chambers, PhD - Cost-effectiveness researchSend an e-mail PI Profile

Jennifer Chow, MD - Role of iron in infectious disease  Send an e-mail PI Profile

Joshua Cohen, PhD - Decision analytic study of medical interventions Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Olaf Dammann, MD -  Risk factors influencing brain and retinal disorders in infants Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Jonathan Davis, MD -  Inflammation and anti-oxidants in lung injury Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Karen Freund, MD - Social determinants of health and health disparities  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Gordon Huggins, MD - Molecular genetic mechanisms of cardiovascular development and disease Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Bertrand Jaber, MD -  Markers for susceptibility to acute renal failure Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Kenneth Kaitin, PhD - Trends in the development and regulation of new pharmaceutical products  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Amy LeClair, PhD - Health services research and vulnerable populations Send an e-mail PI Profile

Debra Lerner, PhD - Chronic health problems and health risk factors affecting employment  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Laurel Leslie, MD -  Impact of youth services on developmental and mental health disorders Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Andrew Levey, MD - Measures to detect and manage chronic kidney disease Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Timothy Mader, MD - Management of cardiac arrest Send an e-mail PI Profile

Timothy McAlindon, MD - Epidemiologic and clinical studies of rheumatic diseases  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Peter Neumann, ScD - Cost effectiveness analysis in health care decision making  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Farzad Noubary, PhD - Statistical methods for clinical epidemiology and decision analysis  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Susan Parsons, MD - Quality of life issues in children with cancer and chronic disease  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Stephen Pauker, MD - Decision analysis related to the practice of medicine  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Jessica Paulus, ScD -  Sex differences in cardiovascular disease Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Ronald Perrone, MD - Clinical studies of polycystic kidney disease  Send an e-mail PI Profile

Anastassios G Pittas, MD - Nutritional intervention in type 2 diabetes  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Angie Rodday, PhD - Health services research  Send an e-mail PI Profile

Mark Sarnak, MD - Cardiovascular risk factors affecting chronic kidney disease  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Johanna Seddon, MD - Factors influencing hereditary ocular diseases  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Harry Selker, MD - Factors influencing outcomes of emergency cardiac care   Send an e-mail  PI Profile

David Snydman, MD - Use of probiotics in immuno-compromised patients  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Gary Strauss, MD - Lung cancer detection and the tobacco industry Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Norma Terrin, PhD - Evaluation and assessment of mathematical methods in clinical research Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Chenchen Wang, MD - Clinical and epidemiological studies of complementary and alternative medicine  Send an e-mail PI Profile

Christine Wanke, MD - Metabolic and nutritional complications in AIDS Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Daniel Weiner, MD - Risk factors associated with chronic kidney disease  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

John Wong, MD - Clinical decision making in healthcare Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Adjunct Faculty

Sarah Goff, MD - Maternal - child health quality care Send an e-mail

Robert Goldberg, PhD - Community-based studies of cardiovascular disease Send an e-mail

Peter Lindenauer, MD - Methods to assess quality of care  Send an e-mail  

Robin Ruthazer, MPH - Biostatistics, clinical trials and regression modeling Send an e-mail 

Djøra Soeteman, PhD - Decision analysis and cost-effectiveness Send an e-mail  

Mihaela Stefan, MD, PhD - Health services research & comparative effectiveness research Send an e-mail

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The priority application deadlines are as follows:

December 1: Basic Science Division PhD Programs

February 15: Building Diversity in Biomedical Sciences

March 31: Post-Baccalaureate Research Program

May 1: Clinical & Translational Science, MS in Pharmacology & Drug Development