Alexa Craig


Alexa Craig
BA, English & Psychology
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT
MSc, Health Psychology
Bath University
Bath, United Kingdom
MD, University of Vermont
Burlington, VT
MS Student in Clinical & Translational Research


My area of research interest is quite broad and includes infants with neurological issues caused by congenital brain malformations, neonatal encephalopathy, strokes or seizures. I am most interested in the use of therapeutic hypothermia as a neuroprotective strategy for newborns and in infants with congenital heart disease. I am also very interested in studying the way in which drugs either taken by the mother during pregnancy or given during intensive care or surgical hospitalizations can potentially impact development.

Apply to the Sackler School


The priority application deadlines are as follows:

December 1: Basic Science Division PhD Programs

February 15: Building Diversity in Biomedical Sciences

March 31: Post-Baccalaureate Research Program

May 1: Clinical & Translational Science, MS in Pharmacology & Drug Development

June 15: Online Certificate in Fundamentals of Clinical Care Research