CMP Alumni

graduates The CMP Program is proud to celebrate the achievements of its alumni. Since 1990, more than 70 trainees have received their PhD degrees from our program.

These trainees now hold leadership positions in academic institutions and in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Other trainees have gone on to careers in law, medicine and teaching.

For a complete list of trainees and their current positions, please see below.

Trainee Year Current or Last Known Position
James Schiemer 2017 Postdoc, Pfizer
Laura Stransky 2017
Postdoc, Dana Farber Cancer Inst, Harvard
Kristina Cotter 2016 Consultant, Trinity Partners
Kevin Goncalves 2016 In Transition
Shreya Kulkarni 2016 Postdoctoral Fellow, UMass Medical School
Sejuti Sengupta  2016 Postdoctoral Fellow, Boston Children's Hospital
Michael Baldwin 2015 Consultant, ClearView Health Care Partners
Hiroko Nagasse 2015 In transition
Hailing Yang 2015 Business Insight Analyst, Decision Resources Group
Joseph Capecci 2014 Medical Writer, ETHOS Health Communications
Steven Garafalo 2014 Manager, Global Medical Communications, Biogen Idec
Rachel Liberman 2014 Postdoctoral Fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital
Michael Monteiro 2013 Scientist, X-Chem Pharmaceuticals
Wayne Chan 2012 MD, PhD, Resident, Orthopedic Surgery, Yale-New Haven Medical Center
Samantha Mecker 2012 MS, Senior Regulatory Affairs Program Lead, Ethicon
Jennifer Durham 2011 Research Scientist, Cambridge Biomedical
Brian Enloe 2011 MD/PhD, Clinical Instructor, Pathology, Case Western Reserve U School of Medicine
Mo-Ying Hsieh 2011 Technology Transfer Officer, Boston College
Maureen Sherry Lynes 2011 Scientist, Biology, FORMA Therapeutics
Jessica Sims 2011 Project Scientist, Cedar-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles
Sarah Bond 2010 Development Scientist, Cambridge Biomedical, Inc
Jason Cain 2010 Scientist, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals
Naomi Sayre 2010 Asst Professor, Neurosurgery, U Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio


Trainee Year Current or Last Known Position
Deanna Mele 2009 Senior Scientist, AstraZeneca
Nick Mesires 2008 Portfolio Manager, Maine Technology Institute
Siyang Peng 2008 MS, Research Associate III, Evidera
Jie Qi 2008 Scientist, Molecular Biology, Otsuka
Victoria Rimkunas 2008 Head, Integrated Diagnostics Laboratory, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals
Marina Simeone-Penney 2008 Director, Translational Oncology, Vertex Pharmaceuticals
TJ Unger 2008 Scientist II, Pfizer
Maryann Giel-Maloney 2007 Deputy Director, Sanofi-Pasteur
Liza Konnikova 2007 MD, PhD, Instructor, Pediatrics, Children's Hospital, Boston
Dean Yimlamai 2006 MD, PhD, Instructor, Pediatrics, Children's Hospital, Boston
Brenda Eustace 2005 Associate Director, Oncology & Neurobiology, Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Patrick Finn 2005 Associate Director, Genzyme
Kevin Sloan 2005 Director, R &D, Intellia Therapeutics
Jin Li 2004 Research Director, Advanced Diagnostics, Molecular MD
Keith Merdek 2004 Senior Scientist, Sanofi
Elim Shao 2004 Unavailable
Craig Thalhauser 2004 MS, Assoc Director, Quantitative Clinical Pharmacology, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Katrina Washburn 2004 Executive Director, S Florida Veteran's Administration Foundation for Research & Education
Kari Wojtanik 2004 Manager, Evaluations & Outcomes, Susan G Komen for the Cure
Je-Hyuk Lee 2003 MD, PhD, Asst Professor, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Jason Warner 2002 Senior Director, Bioinformatics, Courtagen Life Sciences, Inc
Mei Han 2001 MS, Lead Research Technologist & Co-Director, Microarray Core, Children's Hospital, Boston
Orant Kaufman 2001 MS, Freelance Technical Writer
Michael Papetti 2001 Asst Professor, Touro School of Osteopathic Medicine
Charles Plant 2001 MD, PhD, Asst Professor, Anesthesiology, TUSM
Joan Abrams 2000 Instructor, Biotechnology, Cambridge Public Schools
Fernando Agarraberes 2000 Scientist, Synthetic Bioproducts Center, Utah State U
Amy Entwistle 2000 MS, Senior Consultant, Aptis Partners
Dae-Won Kim 2000 Professor, Yonsei U Medical Center, Korea
Neptune Mizrahi 2000 Scientific Director, Inseron
Alice Welsh (Lin) 2000  Technology Development Officer, FDA


Trainee Year Current or Last Known Position
Xing-Hong Leng 1999 Manager, Pharmacovigilance & Safety, Stallergenes
Kathryn MacLeod 1999 Director Quality & Regulatory Assurance, CreoSalus
Natalie Munn 1999 Chemistry Teacher, Martha's Vineyard Regional High School
Mariam Bashar 1998 MS, Instructor & Marketing Manager, Axiom Learning Center, Malaysia
Lisa MacRae 1998 MS, Development Manager - Licensing & Configuration Services, MathWorks
Kathryn Underwood 1998 In transition
John W Cuozzo 1997 Senior Director, Protein Biochemistry & Cell Biology, X-Chem
Brian Duckworth 1997 Unavailable
Michelle Grace 1997 MS, At home
Qing Liu 1997 Senior Data Analyst, Veritas Genetics
Alison Tanner 1997 Senior Development Scientist, Corning Life Sciences
Karen Wong 1997 Intellectual Property Attorney & Partner, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
Mingxin Che 1996 Senior Staff Pathologist, Quest Diagnostics
Cynthia Higgins 1996 In transition
Neera Kanhouwa-Dahl 1996 MD, PhD, Assoc Professor, Medicine, Yale U School of Medicine
Min Xu 1996 Director, Project Management, Oncobiologics
Sue A Fessler 1995 MD, PhD, Private Practice, Pulmonology, Summit, NJ
Scott Ogg 1995 VP, Corporate Development & Operations, AMRO BioSciences
Zhou Songyang 1995 Professor, Biochemistry, Baylor College of Medicine
Jimin Zhang 1995 Investigator II, Novartis Institute
Rosana Kapeller 1994 CSO, Nimbus Discovery
Margaret Lee 1994 Vice President, Research & Translational Medicine, Zalicus
Chris Coppin 1993 MD, PhD, Associate Dean, Technology Development & Commercialization, Washington State U
Karen Puopolo 1993 MD, PhD, Assoc Professor, Pediatrics, Perelman School of Medicine, U Pennsylvania
Stanley Terlecky 1993 Assoc Professor, Pharmacology, Assoc Dean, Graduate Programs, Wayne State U
Jerry Faust 1992 Assoc Professor, Physiology, Tufts U School of Medicine
Pamela Gannon 1992 Board Member, The Discovery Museums, Acton, MA
Xiaomai Zhou 1992 Biotherapeutics Scientist, Boehringer Ingelheim
Kurt Auger 1991 Assoc Director, GlaxoSmithKline
Jianming Dong 1990 Private Practice, Neurology, Methodist Medical Center of Illinois
Adrian Hsing 1990 MS, Senior Director, Transition Therapeutics
Ethan Israelsohn 1990 MS, Private Practice, Psychotherapy Counseling
Laurie Read 1990 Professor, Mircobiology & Immunology, State U New York - Buffalo 


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