Structural and Chemical Biology


Vision for Training

Our students will receive in-depth training in modern biochemistry, and will learn to use chemical, biophysical, and computational methods to design novel therapeutics and understand how biomolecules function. A wide array of experimental approaches are used: crystallography, NMR, fluorescence, chemical cross-linking, and biochemistry. Particular emphasis will be placed on understanding three-dimensional structure, and on quantitative analysis of biochemical data. Students specializing in SCB will be well equipped to help develop and characterize the next generation of new therapeutics and molecular probes.

Faculty with Active Research Programs

James Baleja, PhD, Concentration Leader - Molecular recognition, structure-based drug design, NMR-based protein structure determination  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Alex Andrew Bohm, PhD, Concentration Leader - RNA processing complexes; replication initiation  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

William Bachovchin, PhD - Structure-based drug design  Send an e-mail PI Profile

Peter Bullock, PhD - Structure-based studies of DNA replication initiation; viral inhibitor design using chemical genetics  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Alexei Degterev, PhD - Mechanisms of cell death using small molecule and drug probes  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Ekaterina Heldwein, PhD - Structural and mechanistic studies of herpesvirus entry into host cells  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Joshua Kritzer, PhD -  Peptides and peptidomimetics targeting biological processes  Send an e-mail   PI Profile

Athan Kuliopulos, MD, PhD - Protease activated receptors in vascular biology and cancer  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Claire Moore, PhD - Mechanism and regulation of mRNA polyadenylation  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

James Munro, PhD - Molecular mechanisms of viral entry  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Malavika Raman, PhD - Mechanisms of protein homeostasis  Send an e-mail PI Profile

Rebecca Scheck, PhD - Chemical approaches to posttranslational networks   Send an e-mail PI Profile

Gavin Schnitzler, PhD - Chromatin remodeling and gene expression  Send an e-mail   PI Profile

David Walt, PhD - Detection of single molecules using optical fiber arrays  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Qiaobing Xu, PhD - Synthetic materials for the delivery of therapeutic biomacromolecules Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Program Faculty Participating in Teaching

Brian Schaffhausen, PhD - Mechanism of neoplastic transformation  Send an e-mail  PI Profile

Apply to the Sackler School


The priority application deadlines are as follows:

December 1: Basic Science Division PhD Programs

February 15: Building Diversity in Biomedical Sciences

March 31: Post-Baccalaureate Research Program

May 1: Clinical & Translational Science, MS in Pharmacology & Drug Development