Wenhui Zhou


Wenhui Zhou 
BS, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 
University of California - Davis 
Davis, CA 
MD, PhD Student
Charlotte Kuperwasser, PhD, Adviser




As part of our lab's long term goal to understand the molecular regulators of breast epithelial differentiation, we recently identified the transcription factor Slug (SNAI2) as a suppressor of luminal differentiation. Our lab has also shown that the increased expression and stability of Slug is linked to BRCA1 mutation carriers who is predisposed of developing aggressive basal-like breast tumors. Slug is a transcriptional repressor that mediates sequence-specific interactions with DNA. My project focuses on understanding the mechanisms involved in regulating the expression, stability and activity of Slug so that we might be able to ultimately design therapeutic strategies to target Slug in cancers or in high risk individuals where it is dysregulated by BRCA1 mutation.

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