CMDB Alumni

graduatesThe CMDB Program celebrates the achievements of all its alumni.  The Program's first graduates completed their studies before the program adopted its current name and received a PhD in Anatomy and Cell Biology, named after the department that founded the graduate program.

Over 130 students have completed the CMDB program.

Our graduates have pursued a wide range of careers. Many graduates have gone on to academic careers and other have become leaders in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Learn more about their careers below.


Trainee Year  Current or Last Known Position 
Mengqi Huang 2017 Postdoctoral Fellow, Dartmouth
Brian Lin 2017 Postdoctoral Fellow, TUSM
Jesse Peterson 2017 Postdoctoral Fellow, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Bharat Burman 2016 MD, PhD, Resident, Medicine, U Pennsylvania
Ben Dake 2016 Associate, RA Capital Management
Daisy Nakamura 2016 Postdoctoral Fellow, U Washington
Adam Skibinski 2016 MD, PhD, Resident, Diagnostic Radiology, U Washington
Leonard Tan 2016 MS, R&D Associate Scientist, IDEXX
Amy Thurber 2016 Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard
Tomoya Uchimura 2016 Postdoctoral Fellow, Kyoto U, Japan
Wei-Sheng Chen 2015 Postdoctoral Fellow, NIH/NIAID
Anna Maione 2015 In transition
Andrew Reeves 2015 Postdoctoral Fellow, HNRCA, Tufts U
Stephen DelSignore 2014 Postdoctoral Fellow, Brandeis U
Heenam Kwon 2014 Postdoctoral Fellow, U California - Davis
Gregory Saia 2014 Quality Control Scientist, Mass Biologics
Nikolai Schnittke 2014 MD, PhD, Resident, Emergency Medicine, U Wisconsin - Madison
Sana Mujahid 2013 Consultant, Cardiovascular Resource Group
Maja Sedic 2013 Scientist, Moderna Therapeutics
Dana Cairns 2012 Postdoctoral Fellow, TUSE
James Canner 2012 Pharmacology Director, Aeon Clinical Laboratories
Kyle Hewitt 2012 Postdoctoral Fellow, U Wisconsin - Madison
Richard Krolewski 2012 MD, PhD, Fellow, Neurology, Massachusetts General Hospital
Jesse Mohn 2012 Scientist, Mat Tek 
Amanda Robb 2012 MS, Biology Teacher, Boston Public Schools
Cassandra Saitow 2012 Instructor, Simmons College
Yulia Shamis 2012 R & D Intern, Cell Therapy & Research, Lonza
Tatiana Demidova-Rice 2011 Business Development Associate, Office of Technology Development, Harvard U
Steven Pageau 2011 Technical Specialist, Lathrop & Gage, LLP
Jenny Rudnick 2011 Scientist, Corvus Pharmaceuticals
Joshua Russo 2011 MD, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
J Harry Sweigard 2011 Scientist, UNITY
Theresa DiMeo Proia 2010 Senior Scientist, In Vivo Oncology, Astrazeneca
Lina Greenberg 2010 Staff Scientist, Washington U School of Medicine
Yujin Lee 2010 MS, Unavailable
Shelia Logan-Mauney 2010 At home
Ronald Myers 2010 Science Editor, JoVE
Adam Packard 2010 Scientist, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
Lan Wei 2010 Founder, BioLyceum


Trainee Year  Current or Last Known Position 
Teresa DesRochers 2009 Scientific Director, KIYATEC
Jennifer Jones 2009 MD, PhD, Physician, Permanente Medical Group
James Kubilus 2009 Research Asst Professor, Integrative Physiology & Pathobiology, TUSM
David Nusinow 2009 Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School
Chandrassegar Saravanan 2009 Molecular Pathologist, Novartis Institute
Laura Vandenberg 2008 Asst Professor, Environmental Health Sciences, U Massachusetts-Amherst
Zhen Guo 2008 At Home
Moriah Nickerson 2008 MS, Business Development Manager, Promega
Kelly Beazley 2008 Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, U Maryland School of Medicine
Carolyn Peluso 2008 Science Writer/Editor, Cell Signaling Technology
Silva Krause 2008 Senior Scientist, Momenta Pharmaceuticals
Susan Barrett 2007 Research Imaging Specialist, Olympus
Tathagata Chaudhuri 2007 Senior Scientist, Intrexon Corp
Shiri Diskin 2007 Freelance Medical Writer & Writing Instructor
Yong Li 2007 Adjunct Professor Pine Manor College
Monalisa Murkherjea 2007 Scientist, Biologics Research Janssen
Alicia Britton 2006 MS, Author
Marsha Crochiere 2006 Senior Scientific Writer, Karyopharm Therapeutics
Danielle Grove (-Strawser) 2006 Asst Professor, Biology, Texas Lutheran College
John Hamlin 2006 Assoc Professor, Head, Division of Science & Mathematics, Louisiana State U - Eunice
Douglas Olsen 2006 Postdoctoral Fellow, Duke U
Tamar Aprahamian 2005 Asst Professor, Medicine, Boston U School of Medicine
Styliani (Stella) Markoulaki 2005 Research Scientist II & Lab Manager, Whitehead Institute
Holly Mason 2005 MD, PhD, Dermatology, Private Practice, Swampscott, MA
Imrana Kazam 2004 Director, Clinical Innovations, Analgesic Solutions
Alexandra Zoltan-Jones 2004 Attorney, McCarter & English, LLP
Xueyan Chen 2003 Asst Professor, Laboratory Medicine, U Washington
Andrew Lake 2003 Assoc Director, Cell Biology, Surface Oncology
Erica Marieb 2003 Assoc Director, Medical Affairs, Vertex
Brian Stramer 2003 Group Leader, Cell & Molecular Biophysics, Kings College, London
Jiang Yang 2003 Instructor, Children's Hospital, Boston
Catherine Combelles 2002 Assoc Professor, Biology, Middlebury College
Dana DiNino 2002 Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer
Cordula Magee 2002 Project Manager, Massachusetts General Hospital
John Millholland 2002 Assoc Director, Novartis
Julie Renee Murrell 2002 R&D Manager, MilliporeSigma
Jeremy Sivak 2002 Asst Professor & Glaucoma Research Chair, Toronto Western Hospital, U Toronto
Jeanine Ward 2002 Asst Professor, Emergency Medicine, U Massachusetts Medical School
Blanche Young 2002 Asst Professor, Professional Studies, Drexel U School of Medicine
Allison Abbott 2000 Assoc Professor, Biological Sciences, Marquette U
Mary Jo Carabatsos 2000 Science Program Adviser, Andover Public Schools; Adjunct Professor, Merrimack College
Vera Gross 2000 Senior Scientist, Pressure Biosciences
Lei Huang 2000 Senior Research Scientist, Halozyme Therapeutics
Rongsong Li 2000 Adjunct Assoc Professor, U California - Los Angeles
Jeffrey Randall 2000 Director of Assay Technologies, Quantum Diamond Technologies
Gregory Sieczkiewicz 2000 Managing Director, Chief IP Counsel, MPM Capital



Trainee Year  Current or Last Known Position 
Rebecca Peterson 1999 Director, Research Collaborations, U Kansas
Raymund Stefancsik 1999 Database Curator, U Cambridge, UK
Laurie Delmolino 1998 Unavailable
Ketu Mishra 1998 Associate Research Scientist, Yale U School of Medicine
Harris Perlman 1998 Professor, Medicine, Northwestern U
Barbara Van Lingen Resendes 1998 In transition
Cindy X Cai 1997 Asst Research Professor, Medicine, St Louis U
Justin Cates 1997 MD, PhD, Professor, Pathology, Vanderbilt U School of Medicine
Judith Fleming 1997 Associate Director, Translational Research, Children's Hospital, Boston
Susan Harrison 1997 Unavailable
Raquell Holmes 1997 Founder & Director, Improvsicence
Fanxin Long 1997
Professor, Medicine, Washington U School of Medicine
Maribel Rios 1997 Assoc Professor, Neuroscience, TUSM
Francis (Frank) Igoe 1996 Project Management Consultant, TayganPoint Consulting Group
Charles (Brad) Shuster 1996 Assoc Professor, Biology, New Mexico State U
Qin Yu 1996 Assoc Professor, Oncological Sciences, Mt Sinai School of Medicine
Mary (Mimi) DeSouza 1995 Executive Director, Bristol Myers Squibb
Haihua Gu 1995 Assoc Professor, Pathology, U Colorado - Denver
Shari Laprise 1995 Instructor, American Public University System
Jill Sible 1995 Professor, Biology Sciences, & Asst VP, Undergradaute Education,  Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Lori Tsuruda 1995 MS, Founder & Executive Director, People Making A Difference
Diana Carlone 1994 Instructor, Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School
Gerard Kugel 1993 MS, Professor & Assoc Dean for Research, Tufts U School of Dental Medicine
Tien-Min Lin 1993 Research Scientist, U Wisconsin-Madison, School of Pharmacy
Qian Chen 1992 Professor, Medical Science, Brown Medical School
Katherine Deyst 1992 At home
Susan Messinger 1992 Unavailable
Aileen Healy 1991 Vice President, Preclinical Development, Cydan Development
Jeffrey Marchant 1991 Research Asst Professor, Anatomy & Cell Biology, Tufts U School of Medicine
Dineli Wickramasinghe 1991 Executive Director, Oncology Research, Amgen
Jeffrey Yost 1989 Senior Scientist, Genzyme
Carole Bibeau 1988 MS, Asst Professor, Medicine, Dartmouth Medical School
Mary McCarthy 1988 Freelance Scientific Editor
Jack Sanford 1988 Teacher, The Derryfield School
Michelle Marks 1987 Consultant, Biopharmaceutical Intellectual Property & Medical Risk Assessment
Osama Kandil 1985 Chairman & CEO, Biopharm Group
Ronald Lechan 1984 Professor of Medicine, Tufts U School of Medicine
Robert Schatz 1983 Principal, Life Science Propositions
Bruce Crary 1982 Unavailable
Kathleen Vandiver 1982 Outreach Director, Center for Environmental Health Sciences, MIT
Marjorie Wilson 1982 Instructor, Pediatrics, Children's Hospital, Boston
Betsy Phipps 1981 Unavailable
Daniel Casper 1980 Professor, Ophthalmology, Columbia U Medical Center
Sally Sommers Smith 1980 Assoc Professor & Acting Chair, Natural Sciences & Mathematics, Boston U College of General Studies
David Hill 1979 MD, PhD, Physician, Hudson Valley Pediatrics, Middleton, NY
Diana Piekut 1970 MS, Assoc Professor, Neuroscience, U Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry


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