Biochemistry Alumni

graduatesSince the first student graduated in the early 1950's, more than 120 students have completed their degrees in the Biochemistry Program.

Our students have gone on to a variety of careers, but the majority have gone on to a research-focused postdoctoral training position in either an academic setting or in the biotechnology industry.

Learn more about our alumni below.

Trainee Year  Current or Last Known Position 
Arti Patel 2016 Postdoctoral Fellow, Tufts
Henry Rogalin  2016 Fellow, Tufts Clinical & Translational Science Institute 
Cecile Rouleau 2016 Postdoctoral Fellow, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Andrew Coppage 2015 Consultant, ClearView Health Care Partners
Samuel Stampfer 2015 MD, PhD, Resident, Internal Medicine, Emory School of Medicine
Gizem Uzturk 2015 Clinical Research Associate, Johnson & Johnson, Turkey
Justin Hwang 2014 Postdoctoral Fellow, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Chukwudi Ezeokonkwo 2013 MD, PhD, Senior Clinical Research Associate, Chiltern
Colleen McNamara 2013 Medical Writer, BGB Group
Richard Wong 2013 MD, PhD, Resident, Pathology, U California - San Diego
Scott Ezell 2012 Data Scientist, IBM Watson Health 
Harold Hatch 2012 MS, Scientist, Potenza Therapeutics
Daniel O'Connell 2012 MD, PhD, Investment Manager, Arix Bioscience
Connie Wu 2012 Research Investigator, Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research
Paul Everill 2011 Director, Research & Development, Molecular Rebar Design
Kathryn Heard 2011 Director, Preclinincal Development, Axcella Health
Daqin Mao 2011 Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School
Eric Yang 2011 MD, PhD, Clinical Asst Professor, Pathology, Stanford U
Bodi Zhang 2011 Co-founder & General Manager - Strategy, Thorne Research
Yanni Zhu 2011 Postdoctoral Fellow, U California - Los Angeles
Brandi Davis-Dusenbery 2010 Chief Executive Officer, Seven Bridges Genomics
Geoffrey Kilili 2010 Commisioner's Fellow, FDA, Office of Regulatory Affairs
Anna Markowska 2010 Senior Research Scientist, Y-mir Genomics
Lawrence Milo, Jr 2010 Analytical Chemist II, Nitto Denko Avecia
Chuong Pham 2010 Scientist, Alliance Pharma
Adam Sowalsky 2010 Investigator, NCI, NIH


Trainee Year  Current or Last Known Position 
Eva Christensen 2009 MD, PhD,  Radiation Oncologist, Green Bay Oncology, WI
Beth Connolly 2009 Business Development & Licensing Manager, Broad Institute
Kevin Jefferies 2009 Scientist, Bluefin Biomedicine
Nicole Neuman 2009 Editor, Trends in Biomedical Science, Cell Press
Yansheng Hao 2008 Research Fellow, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Anuradha Kumar 2008 Scientist, Infectious Disease Research Institute, Seattle
Lucia Morstadt 2008 Unavailable
Mun Chun Chan 2007 Asst Teaching Professor, Georgetown U
Shaida Andrabhi 2006 Asst Professor, U Kashmir, India
Jing Cao 2006 Senior Scientist, Janssen
Manching Ku 2006 Group Leader, U Freiburg, Germany
Andrew Leger 2006 Associate Director, Strategic Alliances, Business Development, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research
Sarah Poplawski 2006 Associate Director, Oncology Research, Arisaph Pharmaceuticals
Danielle Reese 2006 Principal Program Manager, Akamai Technologies
Natalia Ulyanova 2006 Business Development, Extera Partners
Jie Wei 2006 Internship Fellow, Dat Venture
Adrienne Boire 2004 Instructor, Neurology, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Elizabeth Bradshaw 2004 Asst Professor, Neurology, Harvard Medical School
Deborah Denis 2004 Clinical Research Scientist, Merck KGaA, Germany 
Kristin Haddad 2004 Unavailable
Alan Meisler 2004 MS, Unavailable
Michail Shipitsin 2004 Assoc Director, Biomarker Development, XTuit Pharmaceuticals 
Leah Hesse 2003 Grant Administrator, Massachusetts General Hospital
Kristiana Kandere-Grzyboska 2003 Research Scientist, Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology, S Korea
Jonathan Tward 2003 MD, PhD, Assoc Professor, Radiation Oncology, U Utah
Donald Cullis 2002 Project Leader, Immunetics
G Jonah Rainey 2002 Executive Director, Antibody Research, MabVax Therapeutic Holdings 
Ellen Sampson Moore 2002 At home
Xiaobing Be 2001 Patent Attorney
Kevin Croce 2001 MD, PhD, Asst Professor, Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Steffen Helmling 2001 Vice President, Business Development, X-Chem Pharmaceuticals
Elissa Ash 2000 MD, PhD, Director, Outpatient Hospitalization Unit, Neurology, Tel Aviv Medical Center
Soyoun Kim 2000 Asst Professor, Kyungpook University, Korea
Xiaowei Wang 2000 Assoc Professor, Cancer Biology, Washington U School of Medicine


Trainee Year  Current or Last Known Position 
Waleed Hassan 1999 Unavailable
Kevin O'Connor 1999 Assoc Professor, Neurology, Yale U School of Medicine
Qing Sheng 1999 Research Assoc, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Heather Shih 1999 Bioanalytics Outsourcing Manager, EMD Serrono
Ekaterina (Kate) Torchilin 1999 Chief Executive Officer, NovaSeek Research
Kim Mendelson Wallenstein 1998 MD, PhD, Asst Professor, Pediatric Surgery, Upstate Medical U, State U of New York
Min Zeng 1998 MS, Director, Business Operations, Projector PSA
Sharon Cantor 1997 Assoc Professor, Cancer Biology, U Massachusetts Medical School
Charles (Chuck) Farnsworth 1997 Scientist, Cell Signaling Technology
Steven (Jamie) Freedman 1997 MD, PhD, Executive VP, Oncology, AstraZeneca
Xuelian Luo 1997 Assoc Professor, Pharmacology & Biophysics, U Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Karen Mullane-Robinson 1997 Senior Advisor, Pfizer
Kelly-Ann Sheppard 1997 Deceased
Sergei Tevosian 1997 Assoc Professor, Physiological Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, U Florida
Alakananda Chatterjee 1996 Patent Attorney
Clyde Jones 1996 MS, Senior IT Engineer, Genentech
Elinor Shin 1996 Associate General Counsel & Director of Patent Law, Genentech
Regina Day 1995 Professor, Pharmacology, Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences
Renee Emkey 1995 Scientific Account Manager, Genedata
Patricia (Patty) Holman 1995 Biology Teacher, El Cerrito HS, CA
Steven Howes 1995 Senior Director, Informatics, Pfizer
Jennifer Ratcliffe 1995 MD, PhD, Private Practice, Reproductive Endocrinology, Santa Ana, CA 
Colleen Sweeney 1995 Professor, Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine, U California-Davis
Elizabeth Green 1994 Unavailable
Michael Polymenis 1994 Professor, Biochemistry & Biophysics, Texas A&M U
Paul Rose 1994 Principal Scientist, Amgen
Monique Yoakim-Turk 1994 Partner, Technology Development Fund, Boston Children's Hospital
John Andrew Bristol 1993 Vice President, Development, Synthetic Biologics 
Margaret Coutts 1993 Scientist, U California - Irvine
Jennifer Hartigan 1993 Senior Scientific Director, HighTech Business Solutions
Chichi Huang 1993 Scientific Director, Janssen R & D
Young Jang 1993 Professor, Microbiology, Ajou U, Korea
Karen Kotkow 1993 Senior Global Program Manager, Novartis Translational Clinical Oncology
Barbara LeDuc 1993 Adj Assoc Professor, Phamacology, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy
James Powers 1993 Affiliate, Tufts Medical Center
Elisabeth Tsilikounas 1993 Senior Director of Operations, Gilead Sciences
Linda Epstein 1992 Senior Scientist, Amgen
Matthew Vincent 1992 Director, Business Development, Ocata Therapeutics
Dorothy Auth 1991 Attorney, Calwalader, Wickersham & Taft
Stephen Edington 1991 MS,  Unavailable
Garry Handelman 1991 Professor, Biomedical & Nutritional Sciences, U Massachusetts-Lowell
Judith Nutkis 1991 MS, Producer, Historical Haunts
Bruce Cohen 1990 Senior Director, Takeda Oncology
Mona Hall 1990 Senior Instructor, Chemistry, Wellesley College


Trainee Year  Current or Last Known Position 
Shauna Farr-Jones 1989 Academic Coordinator III, Anesthesiology, U California - San Francisco
Maria Jorgensen 1989 MD, PhD, Private Practice, Hematology, Yakima, WA
Panicos Papadopoulos 1988 Unavailable
Suwicha (Tim) Chitpatima 1987 Director, International Affairs, Royal Thai Army Medical Department
Brenda Neary 1986 Private Practice, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Liza Pon 1986 Professor, Pathology & Cell Biology, Columbia U
Margaret Van Boldrik 1986 Unavailable
Marianne Borowski 1985 Retired
Shu-Chun Hsu-Lin 1984 Deceased
Glenn Albrecht 1983 President & CEO, Dios Therapeutics
Eileen Lafer 1983 Professor, Biochemistry & Structural Biology, U Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio
David (Dave) Robison 1983 President, Communication Services, Inc
Jean Cremins 1982 MS, Professor, Middlesex Community College
Bruce Keyt 1982 Chief Technology Officer, Trellis Bioscience
Robert Desgranges 1981 Unavailable
Robert (Bob) Wolfert 1981 President, Diagnostic Research Company 
Patricia Andrews 1980 Unavailable
Laurie Feldman 1980 Asst Professor, Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Richard (Rich) Siegel 1980 Principal, Rich Siegel Consulting, LLC
Robert DeSchenes 1980 MS, Professor & Chair, Molecular Medicine, U South Florida
Margaret Johnston 1979 Senior Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Global Health Program
Walter Cantarow 1975 Deceased
Paul Durda 1975 Unavailable
David Holowka 1975 Senior Scientist, Cornell U


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